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If you want to enjoy a meaningful holiday experience come join our Spring Valley Farm rural community in Meghalaya north east India.

Spring Valley Farm offers a unique alternative stay at our agroforestry project in Sakra, Ri Bhoi District and a great learning experience about integrated farming for inbound Impact Explorers through our bespoke agri ecotourism packages in partnership with Impact Journeys in London, UK.

The headquarters of the farm is located on the outskirts of Shillong in Meghalaya north east India. It is about 10 minute walk from the golf course in a residential neighbourhood of Langkyrding on Mawpat Road – directly opposite the Border Security Force camp.

Spring Valley Farm has been established by Dr. Bremley W.B. Lyngdoh based on the inspiration and guidance he got from his late father Eric Bremley Lyngdoh who had a vision to create a space for an organic revolution that will change the way we behave towards the environment and our planet as a whole. In honour of his father, Bremley decided to create a special space for sustainability to design and cultivate various programmes and events in order to inspire, inform and involve the young generation of Meghalaya to be the change that will make a difference.

Since the headquarters of the farm is located in a valley surrounded by hills with its own spring that never dries up, Spring Valley Farm was chosen as the name: giving a forum for the understanding that water is life that sustains all living things on Earth. It is thus our duty as humans to be good stewards, to use the remaining resources of our planet in a sustainable way by protecting and preserving our vital ecosystems for generations to come. It is with this call to duty that Bremley created Spring Valley Farm as a space for new thinking that promotes responsible, honest, innovative, creative and positive action.


The mission of Spring Valley Farm is to build a living bridge between organic farmers in rural areas and social entrepreneurs in urban areas by creating a space for learning and sharing of best practices from around the world to promote sustainable living and behavior that is in harmony with our planet.


The vision of Spring Valley Farm is to create a space for sustainability in the heart of Shillong to inspire, inform and involve our young generation to think globally and act locally by changing the way they live and act setting an example to the rest of our community.

The farm will become a multi purpose space that will host training seminars and lectures from both national and international experts, it will have a work space for social and environmental start ups incubating their ventures as they grow to make an impact in the north east region of India. It will have rooms for our trainers and experts with an organic restaurant equipped with a big kitchen for cooking classes for promoting healthy eating and living. It will be the first green and sustainable building in the region that is designed to inspire people to take action.

The farm will create a space for our organic farmers from rural areas and social entrepreneurs from urban areas to meet and trade in an ethical and sustainable way promoting organic brands and products to our clients from around the world.


Arts & Culture

Spring Valley Farm will promote and host art and cultural events to educate, preserve, revive and disseminate about local traditions and customs.

Training & Workshops

Spring Valley Farm will host trainings and workshops on subjects and themes relevant to the promotion of arts and culture of the state and north east region.


Accommodation and food is provided to participants and guests at Spring Valley Farm

Environmental Protection

Spring Valley Farm will host informal and formal meetings and workshops for young people – school children, college students, young professionals, farmers and social entrepreneurs – to educate and act for nature conservation, innovative eco-friendly initiatives and environmental protection.

Responsible Ecotourism

Spring Valley Farm will promote a more meaningful outlook on traveling - one that is a holistic experience of visiting, seeing, learning, respecting and giving to our small hold farmers - such that there is a mutual and positive benefit for both the traveller and the community visited and more importantly the environmental system of the place and people visited is preserved, unharmed, and enhanced to sustain future generations of the community.



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